Zahir Raheem {Co-Founder}

Co founder Zahir Raheem stumbled into a boxing gym at 11 years old while looking for a safe and positive way of channeling his energy. A spark was quickly ignited and boxing became a way of life for him even as adolescent.

With more than 200 amateur fights under his belt, Zahir’s boxing career went into overdrive earning him a spot in the 96 Olympics, followed by an extensive professional boxing career that included winning the WBC Lightweight title.

Raheem turned professional on November 16, 1996, with a 4th round KO win over Clifford Watford. Being among the less touted of the ’96 U.S. Olympians, Raheem worked his way up the rankings slowly.

Raheem has fought quite a few legendary fighters, including Erik Morales. Raheem won by unanimous decision against Morales, winning Ring Magazine’s upset of the year for 2005, and earning himself a position as a lightweight contender.

Zahir’s current professional record stands at 30 wins, 3 losses with 17 knockouts.

Zahir Raheem’s passion for boxing and his inspiring personality has allowed him the opportunity to share his vast knowledge of boxing and boxing-fitness within his community.

Zahir states, “At King Raheem’s Boxing and Cross Training, we want to emphasize healthy living and fitness as a lifestyle. Boxing can benefit any age, gender, or fitness-level, all while being affordable.




Malcolm “Mac” Lawson {Co-Founder}

Malcolm “Mac” Lawson has had a lifelong love of boxing and vividly remembers growing up watching ABC’s Wide World of Sports. Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier introduced him to the art and science of professional boxing.

After years of being a fan of the sport and being able to see the Holyfield vs. Tyson fight live in Las Vegas in 1996, Malcolm began positioning himself to learn more about the sport. In 2008, he had the opportunity to invest in a small gym in the Atlanta area. During that time, he learned more about the operational side of a boxing gym.

Malcolm also began using boxing as his primary form of fitness and started the process of getting into the best shape of his life. With the physical changes he noticed in his own body, he decided to become a boxing fitness trainer. In 2010, Malcolm attended the Advanced Boxing Fitness Trainer Program at the Boxing Fitness Institute in Sarasota, Florida.

As a lifelong business man, Malcolm also became very interested in the promotions side of boxing. So much so that in July 2011, he hosted his first boxing event at The Tabernacle in Atlanta, Georgia, called, “Touch’Em Up at The Tabernacle”. With this successful experience under his belt, Malcolm knew it was time to open a boxing facility that would introduce boxing to communities outside of the city of Atlanta.

Malcolm states, “My hope is that through the opening of King Raheem’s Boxing + Cross Training that boxing fitness will be accessible for all ages and skill levels in Gwinnett and Dekalb Counties.”